Agile Leadership in Action – Workout Practices for Leading Self-Organized Teams

Michael Leber


Talking about Agillity, especially when it comes to organizational change, leadership can not be ignored. It takes special action and power to influence and keep an organization moving. Jurgen Appelo’s Management 3.0 concept provides insight and great hands-on practices for Agile leaders. In this interactive session we will play some Management 3.0 games, touching the people factor and trust, key for making change happen.

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Short Bio

Mike Leber is a Management Consultant, Coach and Trainer for Scrum, Kanban and Management 3.0. He leads the Agile service portfolio at ANECON, an IT service provider mainly situated in Austria and Germany. Mike is an Agile enthusiast in practical application and research. Focus on innovation, credible leadership and learning organizations for driving sustainable change. Community geek with believe in co-learning and co-creation. He has a long standing experience working in large industrial organizations as well as with powerful smaller teams and startups.