Call for Contributions to the XP2013 Industry and Practices track

General information

We are inviting candidates to submit proposals for presentations, interactive sessions and experience report presentations for the Industry and Practices track of the 14th International Conference on Agile Software Development taking place in Vienna, Austria, from June 3rd-7th, 2013.

This conference brings together industrial practitioners and researchers in the fields of information systems and software development, and examines the latest theory, practical applications, and implications of Agile methods. For more information, visit

Presentations and interactive sessions

We are looking for lightning talks (10 min), presentations (60 or 90 min) and interactive sessions (90 min) related to any of the following themes:

Deliver what matters: Product ownership and product design

Efficiently delivering the wrong thing is a common failure for many teams. Collaborating with stakeholders and customers is a key success factor for delivering software that matters.

Submissions for this theme should introduce concepts and approaches in business analysis, usability engineering, user interface design or product design that are new or proved to be particular helpful in discovering customer needs and delivering software that matters.

Maximizing simplicity: Software engineering

Agility is obviously not only about building the right things. When it comes down to engineering the solutions, we have a strong focus on building things right, but also achieving simplicity in both design and implementation.

Submissions for this theme should target any aspect of engineering approaches that supports the simplicity principle in Agile solutions: in designing, coding, testing or delivery. We expect practical demonstrations of your experience or new insights, either in specific parts of the solution life-cycle or from collaborative perspectives. We especially welcome live and interactive formats.

Working at sustainable pace/inspect and adapt: Leadership and coaching

Introducing Agile principles into organizations involves an endeavor to change and learn. When applied successfully, agility leads to a different way of thinking, working and creating products and services. However, adopting Agile methods successfully and effectively requires different organizational approaches.

For this topic, we are looking for submissions from those who help others cross the chasm. We are addressing practitioners who help establish Agile principles in organizations, whether you are leaders, Agile coaches or change agents – or however you title this role. We are interested in hearing about your specific approaches, concepts and models which have proven to be useful in practical environments.

Proposal format for presentations and interactive sessions

The following information must be included with the proposal:

  • Title: as it should appear in the program
  • Abstract in 250 words or less
  • Theme the proposal is submitted for (Poduct ownership and product design, Software engineering, Leadership and coaching)
  • Process Mechanics
  • Learning outcomes
  • Target audience and assumed knowledge of the audience
  • Primary speaker name and bio (100 words or less)
  • Additional speakers and bios
  • Has this content been presented at other previous conferences (please list)?
  • Speaking experience (have you presented at previous conferences)?
  • Proposed length: 10min/60min/90min

Experience report presentations

We are looking for experience reports to present in the conference’s Industry and Practices track (60min presentations).

Additionally, we encourage you to submit a written experience report to the conference’s Academia track. Submitting a written experience report is optional and not a requirement for presenting an experience report in the Industry and Practices track.

Generating business impact: Business Cases and adoption stories

We promote Agile values and principles to successfully deliver software and learn from failure, but business decision makers often need to be convinced with facts about this approach. They also need to be made aware of the organizational and cultural changes that are required to yield the promised benefits.

We invite practitioners from small startups to large corporations to share their experiences about the business impact they were able to generate from introducing Agile practices in their organization, and challenges they had to overcome on their way. We are interested in business cases that show measurable success, and experience reports that can help drive the change in other organizations, as well as horror stories about failure coupled with the lessons learned.

Proposal format for experience reports

The following information must be included with the proposal:

  • Title: as it should appear in the program
  • Abstract in 250 words or less
  • Learning outcomes
  • Primary speaker name and bio (100 words or less)
  • Additional speakers and bios
  • Has this content been presented at other previous conferences (please list)?

Proposals for hands-on engineering sessions

The XP conference is a lively event and we are happy receiving proposals in addition to the structured session formats from people, who are willing to run or contribute for any kind of hands-on session such as coding or testing dojos, retreats etc.

We are open to discuss proposed formats and duration in order to investigate their fit with the program structure. Whether you have an idea for such a session proposal or are just willing to support a potential format, please just drop us your note with more details.


Please review the conference compensation policies for further information on discounts and compensation for contributing to the conference.

How to submit

On behalf of the organizing committee and the Industry and Practices committee, we welcome your submissions to XP2013.

Please submit your proposals for Presentations and interactive sessions to our IdeaScale submission system. There you have a chance to get feedback and indication by the community. However, all proposals will also be reviewed by our reviewer committee and the selection for the program will be done independently based upon a combination of indicators.

For all experience reports and hands-on engineering sessions send your proposals by e-mail to (MS-Word or PDF documents).

Christian Hassa and Michael Leber
Industry and Practices Chair, XP2013

Industry & Practices Reviewer Committee:

  • Adrian Bolboaca
  • Markus Gärntner
  • William Gill
  • Andrea Heck
  • Franz Hofer
  • Alfred Karner
  • Henri Kivioja
  • Pat Kua
  • Olaf Lewitz
  • Chris Matts
  • Susanne Mühlbauer
  • Joseph Pelrine
  • Roman Pichler
  • Ken Power
  • JB Rainsberger
  • Geoff Watts

Important dates

Presentations, interactive sessions and experience report presentations

January 6th, 2013 Deadline for early submissions, receiving feedback before final deadline
February 15th, 2013 Feedback to authors for early submissions received by January 6th. A number of talks will receive early acceptance by that date.
March 2nd, 2013 Final deadline for all submissions
March 26th, 2013 Notification of acceptance.