Compensation policy

Compensation means a reduction of the conference price. Any compensation will be calculated based on the “Early Birds” rate. The compensation applies to the first speaker only. Any split of compensation between several speaker will have to be arranged by the speakers themselves. It is not possible to combine different reductions. Extra Conference Dinner Tickets are not part of the compensation.

Type Discount
1 full-day Workshop/Tutorial 100% discount for up to two people
1/2 day Workshop/Tutorial 100% discount for one person
90 min conference talk/workshop 90% discount for one person
45/60 min conference talk 50% discount for one person
10 min talk 10% discount for one person
Academic talks 10% discount for one person on the academic rate

Early Adopter and Early Bird registrations

You want to register early and you are unsure what happens with your money should you be accepted with your submission? Should you register as an “Early Adopter” or “Early Bird” before notification of acceptance and you will be accepted as a speaker for a session later which would entitle you to a conference fee reduction then we will pay you back the price difference at the conference registration desk.