XP2013 Program


Below you find our XP2013 conference schedule. This page provides the full overview. For checking out where other attendees go, for creating your individual schedule or for mobile browsing you may also use our Program Service at sched.org. We now also have an overview of all sessions available and a PDF version for download

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LNBIP 149 is now available online. You can find information about it at http://www.springeronline.com/978-3-642-38313-7 or access the online version at http://www.springerlink.com/content/978-3-642-38313-7/

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Monday – Workshops and Tutorials

Time Sigmund Freud Gustav Mahler Karl Kraus Max Reinhardt 1 Max Reinhardt 2 Max Reinhardt 3 Arnold Schönberg
09:00 Welcome

10:45-11:15 Coffee Break
Story Maps in practice: enable early feedback to build what really matters*
Christian Hassa
Leading Self-Organizing Teams*
Andrea Provaglio
RefTest2013 – International Workshop on Refactoring & Testing
Francesca Arcelli Fontana, Steve Counsell, Alessandro Murgia, Roberto Tonelli
(Academic Workshop)
Lean Startup in Practice*
Manuel Küblböck, Doreen Timm
Restructuring Code: From “Push” to “Pull”*
Nicole Rauch, Andreas Leidig
Implementing Continuous Delivery
Patrick Kua, Christian Trabold
PhD Symposium (Part 1)*
Organizer: Johanna Hunt
12:45 Lunch

15:15-15:45 Coffee Break  
Specification by Example
Christian Hassa
Seeding New Organizational Culture
Olaf Lewitz, Steve Holyer, Ivana Gancheva
RefTest2013 – International Workshop on Refactoring &
Lean Startup in Practice*
Property-Based Test Driven Development
Nat Pryce
Implementing Continuous Delivery
Research Dojo: Collaborative Approaches for our Agile Community
Johanna Hunt, Xiaofeng Wang
17:15 Break
17:30 Welcome Reception

Tuesday – Conference Day


Time Sigmund Freud Gustav Mahler Karl Kraus Max Reinhardt 1 Max Reinhardt 2 Max Reinhardt 3 Arnold Schönberg
09:00 Opening
09:15 Opening Keynote: Listen Up!*
David Anania
10:15 Tuesday Session Introductions
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Exec & Managers

Effective planning and uncertainty management across the enterprise*
Hendrik Esser

The Software Development Improvement Program: Agile Practices and Training at ABB*
Per Branger

Supporter Session

Agile Fixed Price
Dr. Nikolaus Kawka and DI Richard Brenner,
Zuehlke Engineering

The Extreme Hour Revival
Erik Lundh
Teaching and Learning

Barriers to Learning in Agile Software Development Projects
Jeff ry Babb, Rashina Hoda and Jacob Nørbjerg

Early Start in Software Coaching
Thomas Vikberg, Arto Vihavainen, Matti Luukkainen and Jaakko Kurhila

Introducing Programmers to Pair Programming: A Controlled Experiment
A. S. M. Sajeev and Subhajit Datta

Growing Coaches for the Future
Mark Summers
Agile Leadership in Action – Workout Practices for Leading Self-Organized Teams*
Michael Leber
Growing software from examples
Seb Rose
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Exec & Managers

Extending agile into the rest of the organization*
Gregory Yon

Agile Working Groups (AWGs) – A Sustainable Engine of Enterprise Agile Transformation
Jorgen Hesselberg


Rapid Software Architecture Exploration*
Michael Keeling
Development Teams

Team Performance in Agile Development Teams: Findings from Focus Groups
Torgeir Dingsøyr and Yngve Lindsjørn

The Practice of Not Knowing for Sure: How Agile Teams manage Uncertainties
Denniz Dönmez and Gudela Grote

Key Challenges of improving agile teamwork
Nils Brede Moe

Agile Career Development from the trenches – lessons learned
Ionel Condor
Testing with a stranger*
Markus Gärtner
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 Exec & Managers

Fishbowl Discussion: Agile organizations generating higher profit, innovation and growth

The camel and the needle eye – or the challenges of integrating agile approaches into a standard system development process
Peter Faßbinder
Lightning Talks We don’t think the way we think
Manuel Kiessling
Panel Discussion

Where is Extreme Programming (XP) Today?
Steven Fraser, Michele Marchesi, Charlie Poole, Jutta Eckstein, Ken Power, Erik Lundh

The Scrum Principle – managing beyond Scrum
Boris Gloger
16:30 Break
16:50 Agile Connect – the large crowd ballpoint-game
17:20 Open Space Opening
19:00 Open Space Night
20:00 Open Space Buffet available

Wednesday – Conference Day


Time Sigmund Freud Gustav Mahler Karl Kraus Max Reinhardt 1 Max Reinhardt 2 Max Reinhardt 3 Arnold Schönberg
09:00 Morning News
09:05 Wednesday Session Introductions
09:20 Short Break
09:30 Open Space Open Space Distributed Product Owner Team for an agile medical development*
Andrea Heck
Agile Practices

Effects of Negative Testing on TDD: An Industrial Experiment*
Adnan Causevic, Rakesh Shukla, Sasikumar Punnekkat and Daniel Sundmark

Investigating the Impact of Experience and Solo/Pair Programming on Coding Efficiency: Results and Experiences from Coding Contests*
Dietmar Winkler, Martin Kitzler, Christoph Steindl and Stefan Biffl

Gitte Klitgaard
How to Narrow Down What to Test*
Zsolt Fabok
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Open Space Open Space How Agile Localization can be a competitive business advantage
Vasco Duarte
Experiences and Lessons Learned

How are Agile Methods and Practices Deployed in Video Game Development? A Survey into Finnish Game Studios
Jussi Koutonen and Mauri Leppänen

Inter-Organizational Co-Development with Scrum: Experiences and Lessons Learned from a Distributed Corporate Development Environment
Raoul Vallon, Stefan Strobl, Mario Bernhart and Thomas Grechenig

Designing the Best Process for your Team
Michael Keeling
Our Scrum is Great! (And Our XP Practice Ain’t Bad.) Now what?
Steve Holyer & Diana Larsen
Brutal Refactoring Game
Adrian Bolboaca
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Keynote: Make Impacts, Not Software*
Gojko Adzic
14:30 Break
14:50 Open Space Open Space Multi-project management with dispersed agile teams*
Maximilian Hantsch-Köller
Self-Experimentation for Continuous Improvement
Tom Perry
Panel Discussion

Collaboration Tools for Agile: Learning and Practice
Steven Fraser, Nils Brede Moe, Michael Keeling, Diana Larsen

Agile Contracts – Can We Make Them Possible?*
Andrea Provaglio
Discussion and Q&A to “Impact Mapping and Story Mapping”
Gojko Adzic, Christian Hassa
15:50 Coffee Break
16:00 Open Space The Art and the Real Option of Doing Nothing and Trusting People
Steve Holyer and Olaf Lewitz
Pecha Kucha – Your Presentation Skills
Erik Lundh
Agility and Flow: Enablers, Influencers and Impediments of Organization Flow
Ken Power
Open Space
17:30 Break
ca 19:00 Leaving for Conference Dinner

Thursday – Conference Day


Time Sigmund Freud Gustav Mahler Karl Kraus Max Reinhardt 1 Max Reinhardt 2 Max Reinhardt 3 Arnold Schönberg
09:00 Morning News
09:15 Keynote: Agile development outside the SCRUM team: integrating professional cultures*
Helen Sharp
10:15 Thursday Session Introductions
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Open Space Open Space 1000 Words – Illustrating Project Challenges with Visuals,
Tarang Baxi and Chirag Doshi
Large Scale Projects

A Metrics Model to Measure the Impact of an Agile Transformation in Large Software Development Organizations
Jeanette Heidenberg, Max Weijola, Kirsi Mikkonen and Ivan Porres

Perspectives on Productivity and Delays in Large-Scale Agile Projects*
Deepika Badampudi, Samuel A. Fricker and Ana M. Moreno

Continuous Release Planning in a Large-Scale Scrum Development Organization at Ericsson*
Ville T. Heikkilä, Maria Paasivaara, Casper Lassenius and Christian Engblom

Coding Dojo Challenge: Refactoring*
Emily Bache
Retrospectives as a tool for change management
Jutta Eckstein and Diana Larsen
Do you remember how to play?*
Jakob Wolman
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Serious Games for change and engagement*
Cesario Ramos
Open Space Panel Discussion

The Impact of Agile on Technical Debt
Steven Fraser, Werner Wild, Torgeir Dingsøyr, Hendrik Esser, Ken Power

Architecture and Design

Micro Patterns in Agile Software*
Giulio Concas, Giuseppe Destefanis, Michele Marchesi, Marco Ortu and Roberto Tonelli

Feature Usage Diagram for Feature Reduction*
Sarunas Marciuska, Cigdem Gencel, Xiaofeng Wang and Pekka Abrahamsson

The Effect of Complexity and Value on Architecture Planning in Agile Software Development*
Michael Waterman, James Noble and George Allan

Thinking about TDD: A Russian Doll, Full of Clockworks
Erik Lundh
Vision Temenos – A no-nonsense approach to create authentic connections and intentional behaviour
Olaf Lewitz
Product Portfolio Game
Antti Kirjavainen
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 Closing Open Space
15:50 Break – Change Room Setup
16:00 Closing Keynote: Agile Fluency: What We’ve Learned About How We Learn*
James Shore
17:00 End of Day

Friday – Workshops and Tutorials


Time Sigmund Freud Gustav Mahler Karl Kraus Max Reinhardt 1 Max Reinhardt 2 Max Reinhardt 3 Arnold Schönberg

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
Solution Focused Coaching and Retrospectives
Ralph Miarka, Veronika Kotrba
Complex Projects aren’t plannable but controllable
Jutta Eckstein
Integrating Agile and User-Centered Design
Dina Salah, Michael Rawling
(Academic Workshop) 
Fast Can be Safe: Coaching Agile Medical Software Development*
Nancy Van Schooenderwoert, Brian Shoemaker
Designing good test cases*
Emily Bache
The Taming of the Script
Emmanuel Gaillot and François de Metz
PhD Symposium (Part 2)
Organizer: Johanna Hunt
12:30 Lunch

15:00-15:30 Coffee Break  
Take Your Agile Adoption to the Next Level
Steve Holyer, Diana Larsen
Agile Kaizen
Ángel Medinilla
Fast Can be Safe: Coaching Agile Medical Software Development
Driving Development With Tests*
Emily Bache
The Taming of the Script
Research Challenges in Large Scale Agile Development*
Torgeir Dingsøyr, Nils Brede Moe
(Academic Workshop)
17:00 End