Agile Working Groups (AWGs) – A Sustainable Engine of Enterprise Agile Transformation

Jorgen Hesselberg

Senior Manager, Enterprise Agile Transformation, Nokia (Chicago US)


This talk covers the critical role, practical responsibilities and tangible deliverables of the Agile Working Group (AWG), a dedicated set of internal Agile people responsible for driving a sustainable transformation of Agile at the enterprise level. Drawing from practical, real-world experiences from Nokia and other leading companies transforming how they work and create products that delight the customer, this presentation aims to share ideas that can be applied immediately to any large organizations considering Agile



Jorgen Hesselberg is the Senior Manager of Enterprise Agile Transformation at Nokia. With over fifteen years of experience in a variety of business environments from proprietary hedge funds to Fortune 50 companies, Jorgen specializes in helping organizations achieve value through leadership, passion and effective project management processes and techniques.