Extending agile into the rest of the organization

Gregory Yon

Senior Product Engineer, Knowledge Management/Engineering Operations Systems, Johnson Controls (Germany)


Join Gregory Yon as he relates the tale of how agile moved throughout his organization:

  • Story 1: “Let me tell you a story about scrum, on engineering level.”
  • Story 2: “Let me tell you a story about scrum, on Simultaneous Development team level.”
  • Story 3: “Let me tell you a story about scrum, on Senior Management level.”

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Gregory Yon is a Scrum Master and as a Senior Product Engineer working in the Knowledge Management/Scrum department as an Agile Coach and Kepner Tregoe Facilitator.

Before that he worked as a Six Sigma Black Belt in the Robust Engineering, Supply Chain Management, and IT (ERP support and programming) department. He holds a degree in Finance and Information systems.

He is part of the Engineering Operations Systems department in Europe of Johnson Controls Automotive Experience, a global leader in automotive seating, overhead systems, door and instrument panels, and interior electronics.