Fishbowl Discussion: Agile organizations generating higher profit, innovation and growth


“An overwhelming majority of executives (88%) cite organisational agility as key to global success. Other studies support this idea as well: research conducted at MIT suggests that agile firms grow revenue 37% faster and generate 30% higher profits than non-agile.” — Report by The Economist magazine.

We will wrap up our day dedicated to issues facing executives and managers with a “fishbowl session” involving all track speakers, organizers, and participants in an open, yet structured discussion to gain further insights for all of us.

Adopting and enabling Agile in the enterprise has significant impacts that go beyond the Agile team. In this collaborative group discussion, we seek to provide insights into the results of agile transformation. We aim at identifying some of the most significant outcomes of organizational design, policies, practices that are relevant to enable higher profit, innovation and growth.

We invite executives and senior managers from all industries and areas to join us in discussing the organizational gains that you have experienced in adopting Agile and, more importantly, how you have realized them.