Distributed Product Owner Team for an agile medical development

Andrea Heck

Talk: 60 minutes


We are developing medical imaging and workflow software in an agile way with development teams distributed to several countries. One of the major challenges is how to set up and communicate within the Product Owner team. There we have to deal with the distribution, e.g., have the Product Owner either onsite with her peers or with her Scrum team, travelling, or with proxy. We need people who are good in two different fields of knowledge: medical and software development. As a third issues, the environment of the customers may be different in different countries.

We have ramped up local Product Owners in different countries, have found local collaboration customers, and have developed a set of communication channels and workshops how to synchronize Product Owners in the team, share a common vision and backlog with their Scrum teams, and collaborate with customers locally and globally.

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Short Bio

Andrea Heck is agile coach in and beyond a Siemens Healthcare business unit. She has started and leads this agile transition since 2008. She has been working as Scrum Master and does a lot of coaching and facilitating. Co-founder of the Siemens-wide Agile @ Healthcare conference. Presented at OOP2012 and XP2012. She has been working in the software industry since she graduated in computer science in 1991, developing software, integrating, managing and coaching software development teams and organizations. She is interested in people and what makes them change their minds, in big changes as well as in continuous improvement.

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