Growing Coaches for the Future

Mark Summers

Workshop: 90 minutes


Do you want to understand where you are on your journey as a ScrumMaster or coach? Then come and explore. Maybe you need a way of helping ScrumMasters grow in your organisation? Then this session will provide you with a framework. We will take a number of key competencies of a ScrumMaster/coach and explore the journey from newbie to experienced coach. This will be an interactive session to explore yourself and share ideas to help each other develop as ScrumMasters and coaches. This is based on work done with ScrumMasters and coaches within organisations.

This session focuses primarily on how to grow coaches, taking a look at the competencies required for a coach and using that knowledge to support the development of ScrumMasters/coaches through a number of initiatives.

In such a development programme the first thing we need to do is to help them understand where they are on their journey, test first! We have developed a set of ScrumMaster/coaching competencies that can be used to self-assess with the aid of an experienced coach. In the session everyone will get the chance to use the competency framework. For each competency the attendees will assess themselves as Shu, Ha or Ri.

Following this group exercises will explore how these competencies can be developed.

We will then share our experiences of different initiatives we have run to help coaches grow. We will present data based on the competency framework showing the development of some ScrumMasters and coaches that we have been coaching.

Short Bio

Mark Summers is an Agile coach and Certified Scrum Coach. Mark is passionate about helping individuals, team and organisations be successful. Mark’s goal is to too create world class development organisations and teams that deliver value to their customers through collaboration, sound engineering practices, empowerment and a dedication to quality.

Helen Meek is an keen Agile coach who over the last 5 years has been using Agile successfully to deliver business value and organisational transformations in large and complex organisations. Helen is passionate about building high performing teams and is interested in growing the budding coaching community of today.

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