How to Narrow Down What to Test

Zsolt Fabok

Workshop: 90 minutes


Nowadays testing legacy code, especially writing automatic test cases costs a lot. This looks like an extra expense in the short run, but saves a lot of trouble in the long run. However, not every organisation can afford to spend expensive coding time on testing that is considered having as no real value to the customer. Especially when we are talking about a large piece of untested legacy code.

The best way to do this effectively is to test those parts of the code that really need to be tested. In my presentation I’m going to share several methods that can be used to find areas that are worth testing so that organizations do not have to spend more effort on testing legacy code than what is absolutely necessary.

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Short Bio

Zsolt Fabok is a team leader and a blogger. He has always been curious about software development processes and how to bring the best out of them and create better products. When he started to get familiar with the Agile, Lean and eXtreme Programming methodologies six years ago, he immediately became an enthusiast. He spent the last four years mastering Kanban and helping large and small organizations to successfully adapt its principles. He is the founder of the Budapest Lean and Kanban Meetup and the groups.

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