Multi-project management with dispersed agile teams

Maximilian Hantsch-Köller

Experience Report: 60 minutes


How do you deliver safety-critical applications for air traffic control to multiple parallel customer projects out of a distributed workforce? Where can agile methodology help?

Last year, Frequentis introduced agile development methods to coordinate projects and product development for air traffic management safety-critical applications out of dispersed and distributed teams in two countries. This talk will present the approach used, questions that arose, decisions taken, the observed results, impact on team motivation, and lessons learned throughout the process. Witness the transformation of a waterfall-driven business into an increasingly agile organization!

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Short Bio

Maximillian Hantsch

Maximilian Hantsch-Köller graduated from Vienna University of Technology and has worked in numerous small and large-scale organizations from start-ups to international multi-cultural corporations. With a long-standing experience in software development and broad understanding of communication networks and technologies, Maximilian has been leading classic and agile teams in both highly structured and dynamically flexible set-ups. Maximilian is keen on growing teams and organizations, implementing the appropriate processes & communication, and allowing the magic of team spirit to unfold.