Pecha Kucha – Your Presentation Skills

Erik Lundh

Short talks: 60 minutes


Like it or not, if you are going to influence more than a few people you need to be good at presentations. Not everyone can get a spot in TED but the Pecha Kucha is another great challenge. The format was invented 10 years ago at a Tokyo design school to help design students better focus on their message.

You create 20 slides. They are put in a slide deck out of your control and advanced automatically every 20 seconds. You tell your story with that timing.

The strict format forces you to distill your story and use your 20 visual impressions much more carefully.

You might even find that it is hard to fill 20 slides once you found your true core message.

Pecha Kucha was a very popular event at XP2010 where we saw well-known agilists like Mary Poppendieck and Rachel Davies take on the challenge.

Short Bio

Erik Lundh has more than 25 years experience in software development. Erik has worked with mature innovation firms and start-ups, from small to large organizations such as Ericsson and ABB. Erik programmed industrial just-in-time (Lean) systems in the 1980’s, was a “process and management guy” in the 1990’s, and spent the fun part of the 2000’s as an agile evangelist and coach. In 2006 Erik was invited to Ericsson’s first major agile transformation of 2300 R&D people at 10 sites in 5 countries.

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