The Scrum Principle – managing beyond Scrum

Boris Gloger

Talk: 60 minutes


What is managers role in an agile company? What is the function of me as a manager when my teams will work with Scrum and Kanban – when they are more self-motivated, more self-directed?

We need managers and they are key to the survival also of an agile organisation so we want to give you the missing answer to the above questions.

In this talk three executive manager: from the customer, from the software development company and from the Scrum consultant company, will explain in a interview style approach to what the role of managers will change.

  1. The manager as leader beyond people management -> Orientation, Fokus and Collaboration
  2. The manager as domain specialist -> Education, giving technical direction not by demand but by training its people, and work with them.
  3. The manager as business expert -> Helping Product Owner to do their jobs much better, instead of forcing them to do what managing want.
  4. The manager as specialist -> The manager was a specialist – he will only gets respect from his people, if he is a specialist in something.
  5. The manager as governance creator -> How do we establish a governance framework that is transparent for everybody.

And again – not based on some nice theory but related to real live experience of three companies.

Short Bio

Boris Gloger is the European Scrum-Pioneer. He has been directly trained by Ken Schwaber and was certified as the first Scrum Trainer. Boris is constantly adapting and developing the Scrum practices for use in different cultural areas of the world and has set standards in the German-speaking and Scandinavian part of Europe as well as in Brazil and South-Africa. Besides educating trainers, teaching teams and individuals in the use of Scrum, Boris and his team of consultants put the emphasis on the organizational changes and transformations that come along with Scrum implementations. Beyond the boundaries of the method itself Boris – as a consultant, author and speaker – always considers the company-wide implications and impacts of Scrum. To address different issues on agile and Scrum he published 3 books: Scrum, Scrum for HR and Agile Contracts (available in English soon)

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