Open Space

Open Space forms an integral part of the XP conference series. Of course, we will also provide plenty of space for it. We will open the space on Tuesday afternoon. For the evening will organize a (open) space night with food and drinks. Wednesday, Open Space will run in parallel to the conference though not in parallel to the keynote. This will be similar on Thursday until the closing on Thursday afternoon.

What is Open Space?

Often the most valuable thing about conferences is not the formal programme but rather it is the tea-breaks, lunch-breaks and the after hours get-togethers. This informal, open time, is a space where issues that individuals really feel strongly about can be raised and dealt with amongst similarly interested though not necessarily like-minded people, who naturally gather together and who want to be there and listen and contribute.

Open Space operates on the principle that to gain maximum contribution and commitment, people must be given the free space and time to deal with issues that they feel passionate about and with people who wish to be there with them.

Open Space Schedule

Tuesday Afternoon Opening
Tuesday Evening Space Night
Wednesday Morning Parallel to sessions
Wednesday Afternoon Parallel to sessions
Thursday Morning Parallel to sessions
Thursday Afternoon Closing