Implementing Continuous Delivery

Patrick Kua and Christian Trabold



With agile software development, building software is often no longer the bottleneck. More often than not, the bottleneck is in getting that software production. Continuous Delivery aims to address the “last mile” software houses often have. In this tutorial, we will explore through a series of short talks, facilitated discussions and some hands­-on practice some of the ideas behind Continuous Delivery. Leave this tutorial with a greater set of skills to apply in your own organisations. Participants should bring laptops (all platforms supported) for part of the session.

After this tutorial, we expect participants can:

  • Describe what Continuous Delivery is
  • Draw the organisational support required for successful Continuous Delivery
  • Setup a build pipeline
  • Identify and add stages to a build pipeline
  • Describe the impact Continuous Delivery as on other aspects to the software process
  • List out tools that can help automate infrastructure
  • Describe strategies for safe roll­outs
  • Identify data migration strategies
  • Describe a set of anti­patterns for Continuous Delivery



Patrick Kua is a frequent speaker at conferences, and is author of The Retrospective Handbook. When he is not sharing with the community, he works as Tech Lead for ThoughtWorks helping clients deliver better software. You can find him on twitter as @patkua or read the articles on his blog,


Christian Trabold works as a Senior DevOps Consultant for Thoughtworks helping customers implement Continuous Delivery. He’s been working in the industry for over ten years, is passionate about pushing new ideas and forward thinking in the areas of DevOps and infrastructure automation and enjoys writing books like the TYPO3 Kochbuch published by O’Reilly.

You can find out more by following him on Twitter @ctrabold, reading his blog at or following his open source contributions on GitHub.