Lean Startup in Practice

Manuel Küblböck and Doreen Timm



Keen to find out what the Lean Startup buzz is all about? This workshop is for you. Apart from a bit of theory and an experience report, this session focuses mainly on the hands­on application of the Lean Startup ideas; How can you quickly validate your assumptions about the product and the market? How can you define experiments, whose results can actually serve as a basis for deciding if it makes sense to continue with or change the current strategy? In this workshop, you have the opportunity to get your own impression of Lean Startup by applying the methodology yourself.

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Manuel Küblböck develops software products. He is constantly on the lookout for ways to do this more successfully and in a shorter amount of time. He believes that making the feedback cycle from customers to developers even shorter is the key to doing so. In this quest he has used agile and lean practices and methodologies for many years, while continuously adding new ones to his tool box. He appreciates the Lean Startup method for understanding a business model as a set of assumptions that need to be validated by experiments, rather than a plan that is set in stone.

Twitter: @manuelkublbock


Doreen Timm works as Product Owner and coaches her customers in similar roles. Her background is in design and product management. When she started to work for it­agile, she discovered her passion for agile software development, especially when combined with Lean Startup and UX techniques.

Twitter: @doreenitent