Seeding New Organizational Culture

Olaf Lewitz, Steve Holyer and Ivana Gancheva

Practitioner Workshop


Most Agile transitions fail. Apparently something devours the benefits for breakfast … it’s culture. Instead of facing that beast head-on, we will guide you on a path to tame it and let it work with you.

We will start with simple frames to help you understand what you are dealing with and choose to aim high and transform your organization’s culture together.

You will learn how to tame your own beast with five different approaches for transforming it into a new culture. Two will be experienced in practice: You will learn how your community can create a persona for the organizational identity. This helps everyone as an aspirational model for your transformation. Finally, you will create and share a personal vision, as each of us knowing what we want is key to be able to get it.



Ivana Gancheva is an Agile developer, project manager and business influencer. She establishes links between developers and business. She is a passionate leader and community contributor. She is a relentless critical thinker who focuses on listening between the lines. She strives for continuous improvement, inspires and links people. She lives in Trondheim, and adores rollerblading.


As a developer, Steve Holyer was initially sceptical of Agile development, but embraced it enthusiastically when he realized Scrum allowed him to deliver better software in a saner way. He is a “by the book” scrum master who doesn’t want to stop at “scrum by the book”. In his ongoing journey he has worked to master the art the “Scrum master”, learned the importance of XP practices and advised lean startups in the technical and social aspects of doing agile development with remote teams. Steve works with agile42 coaching organisations and teams finding their path to truly transformative agile fluency.

Olaf Lewitz is an independent agile coach and linchpin. He inspires people to improve the way they work. He inspires managers to make their organisations more effective. His motto is that of Nanny McPhee: “When you need me, but do not want me, I must stay. When you want me, but no longer need me, then I have to go.” You can find him on Twitter as @OlafLewitz.