Specification by Example

Christian Hassa



Many teams struggle with the implementation of user story acceptance criteria and having a shared understanding about the expected story outcomes. This often results in missed stakeholder expectations, ad-hoc assumptions made by the team during implementation and conflict between team members and the product owner around testing.

In this tutorial, you will learn how specification-by-example and acceptance test driven development will address team conflict, missed stakeholder expectations and overall increasing the level of clarity on the project end-to-end. The presentation will cover the theory behind ATDD, case-studies and practical experience from real projects and several hands-on exercises to try out the presented concepts.

You will leave this tutorial with a fundamental understanding of specification-by-example and its benefits, as well as concrete pointers on how to get started using it in your own projects.


Christian Hassa is specializing in agile requirements engineering methods, particularly story mapping and specification-by-example. He is working for several years as Product Owner and Scrum Coach, mainly in the public and financial sector. As managing partner at TechTalk, a .NET services and consulting company focusing on agile delivery, his role is leading the evolvement of methodology and practices and facilitating their application in projects and at clients.