Take Your Agile Adoption to the Next Level

Steve Holyer and Diana Larsen



Have you accomplished your Agile Transformation? And yet, is something missing? Let’s find ways to kickstart the next, continuing Agile transformation long after the Agile transformation was deemed a success.

Diana Larsen and James Shore published the article “Finding Your Path to Agile Fluency” last Summer. In this workshop Diana and Steve will work together to help participants gain an experiential understanding of the Agile fluency model. Next we will experience and develop new ideas for helping teams take their Agile adoption to another level. We will also look at restarting a team’s transformation after the initial transformation has been labeled “Mission Accomplished”.



As a developer, Steve Holyer was initially sceptical of Agile development, but embraced it enthusiastically when he realized Scrum allowed him to deliver better software in a saner way. In his ongoing journey he has worked to master the art the “Scrum master”, learned the importance of XP practices and advised lean startups in the technical and social aspects of doing agile development with remote teams. Steve works as an Agile Coach with agile42 coaching organisations and teams to find their path to truly transformative agile fluency.


Diana Larsen consults with leaders and teams to create work processes where innovation, inspiration, and imagination flourish. Diana brings focus to the human side of organizations, teams and projects. She activates and strengthens her clients’ proficiency in shaping an environment for productive teams and thriving in times of change. Diana co­authored Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great! Past Chair (2007­2010) and current board member of the Agile Alliance Board of Directors, she co­founded the “Agile Open Northwest” conference and the international “Retrospective Facilitators Gathering”. Diana discovers solutions and possibilities where others find only barriers and obstacles.