Brutal Refactoring Game

Adrian Bolboaca

Workshop: 90 minutes


Did you know you can have legacy code after only 15 minutes? This is why we will be brutal with the coding smells. We will take the time to refactor soon and often.

The facilitator will be your benevolent dictator. His wish is to have the cleanest code possible. This is why any code smell must be removed immediately when spotted. This is why, while coding, the facilitator will stop you whenever he spots a coding smell. Adding functionalities is forbidden until you refactor the smell away.

You will need a laptop with a working and testing environment installed for your preferred language. This event will be language agnostic. Also you should have locally installed a source control software (git, bzr, mercurial etc).

Short Bio

Adrian Bolboaca was involved in developing software for domains like energy, e-commerce, banking, customs and ERP/CRM. He has been working with companies from Netherlands, Romania, Italy, France and Germany, and he is knowledgeable in software technical domains like: clean code, unit testing, test driven development, simple design, emergent design, working effectively with legacy code. As a continuous learner and challenger of existing ideas and concepts, Adrian is a supporter of movements that give new ideas on how to continuously improve software and that embrace the values of software quality and efficiency. He is fluent in Romanian, English and French, but when it comes to programming languages he supports language agnosticism, since he strongly believes that a programming language is only a tool towards higher level software concepts. Adrian works as a technical and organizational trainer and coach at Mozaic Works.